A one time pre-employment background check is often sent only to the employer.  In accordance with federal law, employees are to be notified of an "adverse action" whereby an employer detects information in a background check that may impact a hiring determination.  Furthermore, employers are not automatically required to provide the results of background checks to employees, however, federal law guarantees all employees have the right to request the results of a background check for free.  This process isn't always properly followed and candidates may be unwittingly losing employment opportunities due to incorrect information or private, yet impertinent, data found in a background check.

ContinuCheck helps reduce these risks by automatically providing the employee results of the monthly background checks.


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Employers are required to ensure workplaces are safe.  Therefore, any contractors working in a client's workplace are expected to undergo the same due diligence as regular employees.  Failure to provide such safety can result in significant litigation. 

ContinuCheck helps contractors support the safety of their client's workplace or home and property.  Contractors have the option to have ContinuCheck send monthly background check findings directly to a client to ensure their peace of mind and allow contractors to stand out from their competition.   

Regular background checks may risk providing incomplete, erroneous, and late findings which expose

employers to business loss, unsafe workplaces, poor productivity, negligent hiring, and negligent retention risks.  ContinuCheck reduces these risks with recurring monthly background checks.

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43% of business losses each year are attributed to employee theft.  1 million people are victims of workplace violence each year.  Turnover costs up to $30,000 per employee not including opportunity costs of lost productivity.

A one time pre-employment background check fails to identify time-late national background database information leading to possible negligent hiring and negligent retention lawsuits.

Employers failing to follow strict FCRA and EEOC guidelines risk litigation from discriminatory hiring practices.

ContinuCheck helps mitigate many of these risks by continually conducting monthly background checks detecting any new changes in employee activity.  ContinuCheck clearance classifications help mitigate the risk of FCRA and EEOC violations and litigation.